Access all your programs and files directly from the taskbar


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Have you got so many things on the computer that you have difficulty finding your favourite programs? Would you like to clean up your desktop shortcuts but don't want to lose any of them?

Launcher is a program that attempts to bridge the gap between your folders and applications without having to populate the desktop with dozens of shortcuts.

This way, you can make all your directories and commonly used programs fully accessible, saving you the tedious task of moving between folders and subfolders to locate a specific document.

What Launcher does is create all the shortcuts you need, whether folders or files, and merge them into a single program icon in the Windows taskbar. Therefore, you just have to left click on the Launcher icon and select the shortcut you need.

To manage all of this, Launcher has a convenient interface from where you can add the shortcuts and group them how you like, giving you full control over your system.
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